Are you receiving lightning fast broadband?

Lightning IP is a locally owned Internet Service Provider and Telecommunications Provider operating in NSW/VIC border towns of Albury Wodonga. They specialise in delivery amazing customer service along with unique communications solutions to our customers.

Whether you need a basic internet service for your home, or a powerful phone system across multiple office locations, their range of products can be tailored to suit your needs.

Co-Founder Gavin James from Lightning IP has been operating in Albury for over 2 and a half years, their business is mainly focused around telecommunications servicing both Albury and Wodonga.

How did you identify that there was an opportunity in your business?

“With the rollout of NBN, many businesses in the area have struggled to connect with a reliable service. We would often talk with businesses who have attributed this to a less than subpar NBN connection, however after some initial investigations we would often find that the issue would be related to the customers own equipment, internal wiring, or their choice of plan with their internet service provider.”

What did you do about it?

“We looked into partner with additional wholesale NBN providers. By doing this is allows us to offer a range of service suitable to the environment of the user. Where we would often see a business customer connect on a residential grade service (i.e no committed service level agreements, high contention ratios), we are now able to provide options for customers to connect with a service that commits to restoration times in the event of an outage as well as maximum contention ratios. To match the new backhaul services, we are also connection customers with managed Smart Modems that we maintain responsibility for. It allows us to ensure that the customer’s NBN connection doesn’t just go to their premise but is usable inside of their office also. It has allowed us to expand our product offering as well as expand our potential customer base into the large and enterprise areas.”

Did you:

Get a grant
Win an award
Undergo education
Implement a new technology

“We implemented plans for NBN services that: Provide committed restoration times, guaranteed contention ratios of 4:1 or 1:1 – can be delivered over fibre technology.”

What was the result?

“The result to us has been a first to maket offering for a local provider. We have been able to set pricing that reflects the quality of the service as there is no direct competition. This has allowed us to see an increase in profitability in the our business. With customers now being able to see the difference in the offerings and to be able to choose a plan that matches their expectations of nbn it has also made office life less stressfull, allowing us to focus on further improving our customer service.”

How long did it take?

“This was primarily an administrative change, within a week we were able to start provisioning customers on the new range of plans.”

What’s your next innovative project?

“Office Phones, We want to simplify the way VoIP can be used to connect your office. Implementing autoprovisioning technology, secured communications and high definition calling to all our customers. We are also looking to find that perfect balance between a managed service and a customised product so that we provide a solution that fits the customer, instead of moulding the customer to fit the solution.”


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