Better business reforms bring millions more in tradie savings

More than 410,000 licence holders will save at least $216 million over 10 years, under a new licence regime as part of the NSW Coalition’s wide-ranging Better Business Reforms.

Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said it would put more money in the pockets of everyday Australians and help small business compete with the big end of town.

“We’re giving NSW licence holders across more than 70 categories the freedom to choose whether they want a one, three or five-year licence,” Mr Kean said.

“This will help hundreds of thousands of small business owners get back to basics and save more time and hard-earned cash. It’s common sense reform that will have a big impact.”

Some of the licence categories set to benefit from the reform include hard-working NSW home building tradies, like electricians, carpenters and plumbers, as well as architects, real estate agents, surveyors and tow truck drivers.

“It makes sense to give all licence holders the choice of renewing their licence for a shorter or longer period. My Better Business Reforms will save business time and money, while keeping important consumer protections in place,” Mr Kean said.

Big savings are also being passed onto recreational vehicle (RV) repairers who will benefit when a new specialised licence category is introduced.

“RV and caravan dealers currently need to employ workers who hold full gas and electrical licenses to simply repair or install gas and electrical equipment in RVs. That’s excessive red tape,” Mr Kean said.

“This new licence will save RV repairers an estimated $16 million over 10 years.”

Under the specialised licence, workers would be able to service and repair badged gas appliances and LP gas cylinders on caravans and other RVs, but not LP gas tanks.

“Small business can struggle with red tape and this is about putting money back in their pockets and helping them compete with the big end of town,” Mr Kean said.

Minister Kean will introduce the Better Business Reforms, which also include reforms to increase transparency for consumers, into Parliament this month.