Corix Services joins Albury Northside Chamber!

Sue Curtis (B.A. Psychology & Communication Skills) is the brains behind Corix Services.  She provides a personal one on one coaching service for managers who want to get the best out of their staff. Sue has the right people skills and a practical approach to deal with the every day staff issues effectively – not to mention how to handle those difficult conversations with more ease and control.

For the last 7 years Sue work has focused on local small business managers who have utilised her to further develop people management to improve their businesses.  Sue has over 25 years experience across a wide range of management disciplines including; operational, strategic, executive level management and human resource management. She has an intimate experience of small businesses as she was the Director/Owner of her own business employing up to 70 staff.

As a  skilled facilitator and coach, coupled with significant practical experience, Sue uses a wide range of approaches and tools to achieve the desired result.  Her first session is complimentary and with no obligation for further services.

Sue is looking forward to meeting you with other members of the Chamber.

P. 0414 598 357