Cross-Border Worklist revision

The NSW Government and the NSW Cross-Border Commissioner continue to work towards greater consistency between government services, policies and laws in border regions.

The cross-border agreements brokered with the Queensland and ACT governments are gaining traction and helping to improve access to government services for border communities. These agreements are underpinned by annual worklists that detail projects for investigation and progression by the state governments.

The Commissioner consults with a broad range of stakeholders to seek issues to include in the yearly worklists. This includes constituents, businesses, community groups, state government agencies, local government and members of parliament. These consultations result in diverse cross-border projects in areas such as health, emergency management, regional development, transport, education and child safety.

Following the release of the ACT and Queensland 2017-18 Worklists in 2017, the Commissioner will now begin drafting the 2018-19 Worklists, ready for publication later this year.

The Commissioner is encouraging all stakeholders to submit their cross-border issues for consideration and discussion.  All issues are welcome, but be aware that not every issue will make it into the worklists, as many are progressed outside the interstate agreements and through other means.

You can submit to the Commissioner via the contact form.

The Commissioner would like to thank all those involved in the designing of the 2018-19 worklists.

Image courtesy of Destination NSW: Murray Darling Junction, Wentworth NSW