Fiona Fell’s top tips for Google Rankings

If you missed our September Chamber Meeting and Fiona Fell’s (Leads to Clients) top tips on Google rankings, you’re in luck! Fiona has generously shared her expert advice with us in helpful and digestible point-form. Take this checklist with you when speaking with your website designer:

  • Keep your business website focused on your core skills
  • Keep each page dedicated to one topic. One page – One purpose
  • Interlink your own pages using keywords that mean something to your clients
  • Each page ranks individually not the site as a whole
  • Don’t always use your main/primary keyword, keep some variety in how you link
  • Don’t jam bunches and bunches of keywords into your site just for Google
  • Write your website for your readers – the live people – your prospects
  • Use your Google listing as a headline, sub-headline and call to action
  • REMEMBER: If you need help with Google ranking, hire only people you seek out. Not people who fill your inbox with over-hyped promises. If the deal seems too good to be true, it usually is.
  • RECOVERY: If you inherited a website that SEO freelancers hurt, it can be recovered. Get in touch if you need a hand.
  • There are 317 Google ranking factors, send Fiona an email if you want them all! fiona (at)

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