Our City Pride

Our City Pride is a joint initiative of Albury Central and Albury Northside Chamber.

By working together Albury Central and Albury Northside Chamber believe we can achieve more for our members, promote business & grow our local economy for the benefit of Albury City.
Glenys Atkins – President                        Phil Clements – Chairman
Albury Central                                            AlburyNorthside Chamber

Working Together

City Pride – Remember the Three ” R’s” 

Graffiti Removal
Remember the three “R’s”
Record – Grab your phone and take a photo (with date and time stamp if possible)
Report – Call the PAL Hotline on 131 444 or Albury Police on 6023 9299
Remove – Have some graffiti remover ready and wipe it off.
Do your bit today and show some “City Pride” 
Prevent Graffiti and Protect your property – read on
Remove Graffiti –Easy to Use Removal Methods Chart 

Why take a photo?
The police may need it for evidence to help convict the people who have defaced your business/ property.

Why report graffiti?
If you don’t report it then how do the Police know crime is happening?
Once you make a report you can also claim a free graffiti removal kit !

Why remove it straight away? 
Firstly, why not ? tagging on your business / property looks like you do not care to your customers and to the community at large. Secondly, one tag will attract more tags, if you take it off straight away every time, and why would you want to promote someone else’s ” brand” ( a tag is a statement, brand, shout out to others saying I was here !)

Graffiti is a crime, a nuisance and a waste of time and money for all businesses who are targeted. It takes a whole of community response not just relying on our council, police and others to reduce its spread throughout our beautiful City.  


Check out Albury City Council information as well !

If you report graffiti via the PAL hotline you can even get a free graffiti kit

Graffiti Removal Day