The Super Seven – P2

In our last column, we discussed three areas to help you navigate your super. Here, we look at four more to complete the series.

Money for your future

While some Australians may be eligible for the age pension, it isn’t always enough. Super can help you have more money to enjoy a comfortable retirement. Check out for great articles on how to do this

Accessing super depends on your age

Your ‘preservation age’ determines when you can access super. The government provides a super and pension age calculator to help you work out your situation

Ease into retirement

Many people work part-time to ease into retirement. Once you reach your preservation age, you can access your super and continue to make contributions if you’re still working, through a Transition to Retirement (TTR) Pension account

Insurance through super

When joining a super fund, you may receive an automatic level of insurance cover. It’s worthwhile reviewing this to make sure you’re covered for what you actually need. 

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