The Professional Cuddler joins Albury Northside Chamber!

Some people have a sea change but Heidi isn’t quite sure how to define the change she’s had!

From business & taxation to studying counselling, and now just opened shop as Albury’s first Professional Cuddler. Yes you read correctly.
Don’t worry, she laughed too when she first read about a service in the U.S.A. that received 10,000 emails in its first week. Then she felt sad – that we live in such a touch starved society. The more Heidi researched, the more she learnt ‘Professional Cuddler’ is definitely ‘a thing’, in fact she’s now doing an accredited course from the UK.
So, 2.5 degrees, a career in the public sector, 3 years as a crisis line counsellor… and Heidi thinks she has finally found where she belongs!  CLICK HERE  to read more in her Border Mail article