Why Plan Your Business Changes?

Making changes in your business is vital. To survive and thrive businesses must regularly change. The type of change you want to make and the benefits you want to achieve, will impact the way you plan and implement your change.

Many people are nervous about making changes to their business.
• Will the changes deliver the benefits we want and need?
• Will the changes last? How do we ensure that after a couple of months things don’t go back to the old way?
• Will staff, customers and suppliers accept the new ways of business?

Making successful and lasting changes in your business requires planning. Planning the change will ensure you can address these concerns. It reduces the risk of things going wrong. It increases the prospect of the change being successful and lasting.

There are 5 steps to planning and implementing your business changes:
Step 1. – Know what you want to achieve by making the change.
Step 2. – Identify what you need to change.
Step 3. – Create a plan for making the change.
Step 4. – Implement your plan.
Step 5. – Review and update your plan to ensure the changes deliver the benefits you want.

Involve your staff, customers, and suppliers in each step. People are what make changes happen. They can provide insights and assist with making the change successful. Many people welcome change – provided they are engaged in its design and creation.

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